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Es-Key Professional Objectives
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Simple nesting of logic statements
  • Expanded utility functions
  • Compatible with Es-Key 2000 files
  • Real-time feedback

Project Window

The project window provides a high level overview of the network configuration including modules, inputs, outputs and system data.

Pull-Down menus, a toolbar and pop-up menus put all the systems commands at your fingertips.


Pull-Down Menus and Toolbars

The Pull-Down menus give you easy access to file operations, reports and help.

From the "Es-Key" Pull-Down, you can upload and download between the computer and the USM.

Toolbars provide shortcuts to commonly used options.


Help System
Pull-Down Help option will launch the interactive help menus which include index and search capability.

Pop-Up Menus
A Right-Click with the mouse retrieves a pop-up menu that allows you to add any new device to the multiplex network

Activate Device Editor
By Double-Clicking on a device, you will open the Device Editor Window


Device Edit Window


The device editor window provides access to adding, naming and configuring the network parameters for each port.

The Network, Settings, Multiplex and Wiring tabs can be accessed.


Device Edit Window


The Settings window provides access to adding, naming and configuring the network parameters for each port.


Device Address
The device Address can be reset at anytime during the Editing process.

Port Name & Address
The Port can be given a unique name (example, “Warning Lights”) or selected from a pre-defined name list.

Load Settings
The device can have configured load shedding & sequencing, as well as, multiple modes of operation.


Device Edit Window


The multiplex editor window provides port logic configuration and diagnostics.


Logic Control
“AND” “OR” “NOT”

Logic Edit Area
Indented logic tree with pop-ups and nesting level selection options

Real Time Feedback
Current status of the system switches and logic control

Circuit Logic Description
Text version of the logic


Device Edit Window


The wiring data for each circuit can be entered and viewed in system reports.

Quick Edit Tab - Launches alternate editing menu


Device Edit Window

“Quick Edit”

The wiring data can also be entered from the simple quick edit table. Along with Load Management & Mode information


Es-Key Ramp Control Software

Set your Ramp Rate Control Module (RRCM) and your Proportional Valve Driver Module (PVDM) to operate standalone or in full Es-Key mode

  • 3 Stations each with 12 channels
  • 2 Programmable Profiles per channel
  • Live Joystick “Learn” mode
  • Set Ramp Rates and Deadband
  • Use Joystick Simulator to help define PWM values